Inspiring Solutions activity is characterized by a permanent movement of innovation and by the capability of adaptation to the market. Inspiring Solutions offers the best technological solutions in the market – Best of Bread – combined with a collection of integration services, follow up and support aligned with the best practices – Best in Class – which meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

Systems & End Point

It is an innovative solution which allows costs’ reduction and prepares companies to the future with a scalable and flexible converge. It is a convergent platform and an agile infrastructure prepared for the future.

Responds efficiently to business’ needs and simplifies administration without compromise the platforms’ control. At the same time, it reduces the total cost of propriety and improves the lifelong expectancy of investments.

Virtualization Solutions

It is a well-proven software technology which allows the simultaneous execution of multiples operative and application systems in the same server. Virtualization is transforming the IT field, changing profoundly the way people use technology.

Type of projects implemented by Inspiring Solutions:

  • Virtualization of Servers
  • Virtualization of Applications
  • Virtualization of Storage
  • Virtualization of Desktops (VDI)

Storage & Backup Solutions

Storage systems offer more efficiency in the IT field, business’ agility, more and better performance, high level of the applications and data base management increasingly simplified. Besides that, Tape and Virtual Tape solutions offer high level of capability and performance, reliability and security while helping to diminish the TCO of storage through scalability, energetic efficiency, reduction of carbon emissions and lower cost of TB.

Type of projects implemented by Inspiring Solutions:

  • NAS Solutions
  • SAN Solutions
  • Flash Solutions
  • Consolidation of Storage
  • Storage VDI
  • Backup Protection Storage
  • Archive Storage
  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
  • Backup Tape
  • VTL

Management Solutions

It is increasingly necessary to control the consume of IT resources and the raise of productivity through infrastructure’ s services of fast implementation. A flexible and reliable infrastructure is very important to companies and to their core business. IT infrastructure’s managers face the challenge of guaranteeing a high level of availability and security free of problems. Control leads to a monitoring of the implemented systems, assuring the quality of maintenance and technical assistance and consequently contribute to the business processes’ flow.

Some services of Management Solutions offered by Inspiring Solutions:

  • Analysis Report
  • Rapid Response
  • On-Demand Administration
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Disaster Planning & Recovery

Business Continuity
& Disaster Recovery

The importance of a company’ s business depends on the access to information and IT critical services. Any breach of service translates into a loss of productivity, a loss of revenue, a potential loss of clients and business opportunities.

Some services of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery offered by Inspiring Solutions:

  • Design of data recovery solutions according with RTO Policy (recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective) defined by the Company’ s Administration.
  • Diffusion of virtualization technologies and storage along with flexible contractual conditions.
  • Provision of the best technology in the market.
  • Certified datacenters’ partners.
  • Professional services’ team with expertise and experience in terms of implementation and definition of the Best Practices.

Private Cloud - IaaS

For companies, the best way out is to define the information that must remain private and the one that must be stored in a public cloud. Organizations that progress from simple virtualization to a private IaaS cloud are often unable to complete the activity successfully because of the complexity of the task. This is the reason why many companies consider simpler alternatives to IaaS in the private cloud, extending their existing virtualization environment, or taking a first step toward a complete journey to the private cloud.